Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
      MLS, stands for multiple listing service, is a database of properties for sale. Every property for sale listed by a real estate agent, unless it is specifically (exclusive) exempted from MLS will be listed in MLS. However, only licensed real estate agents and other authorized professional affiliates can access MLS, but that doesn't mean a buyer or seller can't get the same information
Is it Difficult to Sell without an Agent ?
      Thousands of people just like you have sold their home by owner and saved thousands in commission. It does require some planning and work, but it's not so complicated. If you use the tools and support we offer including our seller’s checklists and handbook, you can sell as good as a professional. In the end you care more about your sale and know your property better than any agent. It is your property, your money, your choice.

Call us if you have any questions about how it works or what to do next (905) 204-2077. Although our agents place the listing on the MLS for you, calls and inquiries from interested buyers will be referred directly to you.
How does the MLS Help Me Sell My Home?
      Real estate agents use the MLS almost exclusively to search for homes for their clients. In today’s market over 80% of buyers are represented by agents, so it is a "must have" if you want to reach the most buyers and receive the most offers. In other words, if you do not list on the MLS you will be missing out on reaching 4 out of 5 buyers.

The truth is most sellers' agents do not go looking for buyers; they simply list a house on the local MLS and then talk to the buyers' agents who find them there. You can use this same professional tool and save $$$ in seller agent commissions. Call if you have more questions. We are happy to explain the process step by step.
How does listing on help me sell my home? is largest real estate website and the most important resource the public uses for finding homes. By listing on your property is guaranteed the widest exposure with access to millions of house hunters across the country. It is a key element in any serious home selling plan.
Is the MLS the same as
      No. The MLS system is made up of hundreds of local independent MLS’s across the country overseen by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Realtors pay a fee to join their local MLS and use it almost exclusively to find and advertise homes for their clients. is a national real estate website operated by CREA to give the public access to MLS listings. Only homes that have been listed on a local MLS through a licensed agent will be shown on
How does listing on help me sell my home? is largest real estate website and the most important resource the public uses for finding homes. By listing on your property is guaranteed the widest exposure with access to millions of house hunters across the country. It is a key element in any serious home selling plan.
How Much Does FLAT FEE MLS Listing Cost?
      The cost of the FLAT FEE MLS listing is a one-time fixed fee of $599.00. You pay no commission to listing agent.
May I terminate my FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Yes. You can terminate Listings Agreement at any time by request and your listing will be withdrawn from MLS. A reimbursement charge of $50 will be applied to any terminated listing.
Do I have to pay any taxes on my FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Yes. We are register real estate Brokerage Company and therefore all services provided by our company are subject for applicable taxes.
What is the Length of the Listing Period?
      The FLAT FEE MLS listing period is 6 months. If interested, an extended FLAT FEE MLS listing for up to 12 months is available in most areas for an additional charge.
What is the Role of Listing Agent?
      Only licensed real estate agents can place property on the MLS and Basic Realty will prepare the paperwork and place your property in your local MLS. To see what services we provide for FLAT FEE MLS listing please visit our site. No listing commission charge; your only cost is a one-time fee of $599.00 for the FLAT FEE MLS listing service.
Who Handles the Paperwork?
      All the necessary paperwork and forms will be provided by Basic Realty. Completed forms can delivered to the office by faxed, mail, email, in person or picked up by our representative. Once an order is placed Basic Realty sales representative will contact you to review the listing details.
Are There Any Seller’s Agent Commissions?
      No. At the Basic Realty You only pay a FLAT FEE of $599.00 to market your property on the MLS - that's it!
Are There Buyer's Agent Commissions?
      Yes. However real estate commissions by law are negotiable, MLS system does not allow to list property without commission for Buyer’s Agent. If an agent sees a listing and brings a buyer, you must pay the buyer's agent a commission if you accept the offer. It is your decision how much to pay the buyer’s agent in commission for bringing you a buyer. The commission you're willing to pay the buyer's agent is stated on the MLS listing. It is NOT negotiated on an agent by agent basis. We recommend offering a commission between 2 – 3% since your listing will be competing with others for agent's attention.
May I sell my house as FSBO without even Buyer Agent?
      Yes. With Basic Realty FLAT FEE MLS listing service you can. In the event you find a buyer without an agent you save on all commissions and only pay the FLAT FEE MLS listing fee. Please contact us @ (905) 224-2077 to show you how to sell your house without a buyer agent.
What if I Find a Buyer Myself? Will I have to pay any commissions?
      No. No commissions are owed if you find a buyer on your own.
Whose Phone Number is on the MLS?
      The MLS listing will display Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage contact information. When we receive an inquiry about your property, the interested party(s) will be directed to you to set up showings and discuss details about your property. does not allow seller's phone numbers to appear in their listings.
How Soon Will I Be Listed After I Sign Up?
      You will be contacted by Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage within 2 - 7 business hours (not including weekends) after an order is place and all the forms required to complete the FLAT FEE MLS listing will be sent to you. Once these forms are completed and returned back to the agent, the listing will be on the MLS within 24 – 48 hours (excluding weekends). Once listed on the MLS, it takes 2 – 5 business days to upload a listing to their site. This is an automatic upload and can't be expedited.
Who Will See My FLATT FEE MLS Listing?
      Just like any agent-sponsored listing, a FLAT FEE MLS listing will receive national exposure on the website. is open to the public and is the most heavily trafficked real estate website on the internet. Only properties listed on the MLS can appear on In addition, MLS listings are featured on Yahoo!, MSN AOL and other real estate websites that attract thousands of local buyers.
What About Photos?
      Up to 9 (nine) (exterior or interior) digital images of your house can be uploaded in MLS. Images need to be saved in a .jpg file, ideally 640 x 480 pixels.
Can I Get More Help from the Agent?
      Absolutely. For the FLAT FEE MLS listing we provide full customer services including contract review and closing support. We also provide our customer with affiliates connected to real estate. These and other services are available for an additional fixed fee. Please call us @ (905) 224-2077 for assistance.
What Sign will I have on my Yard?
      Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage sign with MLS logo. To the brokerage world the term "FSBO" or "for sale by owner" means that nobody gets a commission, not the buyer's broker and not the listing broker. So if a broker sees that sign you can be sure he or she won't come back. Thus purely as a practical matter the continued use of your FSBO sign can only adversely affect your chances of sale. Also up until now the FSBO sign has really not done you a lot of good, even if the traffic patterns in your neighborhood means many cars pass by your home. Otherwise you would not have visited our site. That is a second reason why an FSBO sign makes little further sense. So historically using an FSBO sign once listed was almost never done. The third reason is the most important: it can cost you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS though you don't know it now and won't be told until it is too late!
What if I want to list a Rental property on the MLS?
      The cost of the FLAT FEE MLS listing for lease is a one-time fixed fee of $299.00. You pay no commission to listing agent.
Do I have to list my home on to sell it?
      A listing is a critical step for any serious home seller because is the #1 real estate site nationally and the most important site the public uses to search for homes. By listing your home on you are guaranteed the most exposure with access to millions of house hunters across the country.
Do agents show buyers homes not listed on the MLS?
      No. Not realy. Realtors are paid by splitting the commissions paid by sellers. Most agents will primarily show properties that are already under contract with a listing agent and have a stated commission split listed on the MLS. With a FLAT FEE MLS listing, you specify what percentage you are willing to offer a buyer’s agent. Realtors prefer to avoid FSBO sellers because of the time and uncertainty it requires to negotiate a commission. By solving this problem up front with an MLS listing, the buyer’s broker is assured that they will be paid and open your house to be show by all the agents representing buyers.
How do I cancel my FLAT FEE MLS Listing order?
      As long as your property has not already been listed on the MLS, you may cancel your order. To cancel your MLS order, contact Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage. You will be able to speak to a “live” person during normal business hours. After hours, you may leave a message when prompted and we will call you back.
Do agents use, or just buyers? is open to the public, but almost 100% of the users are individual buyers. Agents typically use their own MLS service to find property listings. Because reaches millions of buyers even those without agents, it enhances your chances of selling FSBO if you find an independent buyer. Remember, if you find a buyer without an agent you will owe no commission.
Do I have to sign a listing agreement with an agent?
      Yes, you are required to sign an agreement with Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage in order to list your property on the MLS. However, this is to protect the terms and conditions you are paying for, and to offer a cooperative commission to any agent that procures a buyer for you.
Am I able to cancel my listing and sign up with a full service agent?
      Yes, you can cancel your FLAT FEE MLS listing at any time with no further obligation. Just notify the Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage listing agent in writing that you wish to cancel your listing.
Can I order a Virtual Tour for my FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Yes. You may purchase a Virtual Tour through the Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage and we will update your FLAT FEE MLS listing, which will also be added to
Who should I speak with for questions regarding my FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      We are registered real estate Brokerage Company. Any property listed in MLS by Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage has a professional real estate sales representative assigned to a listing. You can speak with a salesperson assigned to your listing.
Can I extend my MLS and FLAT FEE listing?
      Yes. You can extend your FLAT FEE MLS Listing for another 6 month. The cost for this service is a one-time fixed fee of $250.00.
Can I purchase an extended 12-month MLS and listing?
      Yes. An extended 12-month FLAT FEE MLS Listing is available. This will keep your listing on the MLS and for one full year. The cost of the FLAT FEE MLS listing is a one-time fixed fee of $599.00. You pay no commission to listing agent.
Can I make changes to my FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Yes you can make changes. Contact the listing sales representative by email with the changes.
Who schedule Showings?
      Professional works with professional. We have an independent professional appointment schedule service working 24/7. No one inquiry will be lost or unhandled. You have several options, and should discuss the best alternatives with the sales representative who will take care of your listing. We record and keep track of all appointments scheduled through the Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage and will provide you a copy on a regular basis.
Will real estate agents Show & Sell my home if I use FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Yes. Your FLAT FEE MLS listing will look exactly the same as any other listing. There is no way to tell how much you paid to get on the MLS. Regardless of whom you listed with or what you paid, your listing will look no different from any other listing in form and style. The Basic Realty Inc. Brokerage as a listing broker appears on the MLS. Your listing will appear the same as all other MLS property listings.
Is it true that some agents may not show my home if they know it is a FLAT FEE MLS Listing?
      Absolutely NOT! That is a misleading and somewhat fraudulent representation made by some Real Estate Agents in a clever attempt to dissuade you from doing a FLAT FEE MLS listing. First of all, when the sales representative sees your listing on the MLS, there is no way he/she knows it's a FLAT FEE MLS listing. The Basis Realty Inc. Brokerage along with our salesperson name and contact information is shown on every MLS listing. No exception. In addition, the listing commission is not disclosed on the MLS! Even if the Buyer's Agent somehow knew you were not paying a high traditional listing commission that would not effect the showings and selling your home, since the Buyer's Agent is not concerned about the commission you are paying for listing your property. After all, the Buyer's sale representative ONLY cares about the commission offered to him/her to sell your home, not how much you paid the Listing Agent!
What Must I Do When I Get an Offer?
      First of all the MLS Rules mandate, without exception, that all offers must go through the listing broker, who is us in your case. While we will leave all negotiations and changes up to you and your lawyer it is critically important that all offers go through us. We will of course immediately contact you with the offer and if the offer comes from a broker direct the offering broker to present it to you directly. But as a seller you are bound by the MLS Rules and must comply. This is never a problem since all you have to do is call us for information. That's what we're here for.
Is there any back end commission?
      Many flat fee brokers charge a low up front fee and then tack on a percentage commission on the back end. We do not. There is no back end percentage commission to Berg Properties with our Flat fee MLS listings.