Buying a House
Buying real estate can be one of the largest investments a Canadian makes in their lifetime. For most, it can be both exciting and daunting. The overall process is ultimately rewarding but the unfamiliar territory along the way can be hectic and confusing. Not everyone is aware of the required paperwork or the questions they should ask when finding their new home.

Being underprepared when it comes to making one of your biggest financial decisions can result in costly mistakes that will affect you for many years to come and because of this it is important to be an educated buyer.

Our trained and experienced real estate sales team will educate and direct you through the complex process of buying real estate property bringing with them the most positive attribute of a real estate professional: the ability to listen to the consumer.

Our talented employees will:

  • Assist you in determining the type of property you need and can afford.
  • Provide you with complete information on available properties and sources of financing.
  • Arrange appointments for you to view available properties.
  • Provide accurate answers to any questions you may have about specific properties you are considering.
  • Explain real estate transactions in detail and assist you in the construction and presentation of offers.
  • Use their knowledge, skills and experience in the negotiation process in your best interest.
  • Assist you with closing and moving events.

Knowledge, professionalism, innovation, integrity, partner and flexibility: This is our sales professionals’ Basic Key to Success and what discerns them from others. Outstanding service, full consumer satisfaction, an excellent reputation, trust and a lengthy relationship are what our employees are committed to.

Choose a Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage sales professional to guide you in the complex real estate buying process. You will have the best chance in finding and buying your desired property quickly with minimum hassle.

Basic Realty Inc. Real Estate Brokerage

Your Basic Key to Success!