Real Estate Professionals
100% Commission on Every transaction

Ultra Low Plan

$69.95 Monthly Basic fee
$275.00 Transaction fee

Participation Plan

$269.95 Annual Basic fee
$475.00 Transaction fee

And it is quite Simple because at the Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage you are:
  • Give yourself a raise
  • Get to keep what you earned
  • Get more to promote yourself

Isn’t Your Basic Key to Success?

Innovation and Technology has opened the door to new solutions and services never before available. At the Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage each employee becomes our partner. Every one deserves opportunities to progress, learn and financial success.

We know how challenging is to find the perfect career that:
  • Enables you to capitalize you strengths and personal attributes
  • Fulfills your expectations while meeting other needs
  • Supports your life’s aspirations
And the Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage offers such opportunities.

Our Basic Advantage:

  • Profit shares
  • Virtual office solution (VOS)
  • Full service real estate brokerage
  • Professional training programs
  • Professional corporate web site
  • Corporate email account
  • Live 24/7 appointment desk
  • Web-Driven lead
  • Live front desk service
  • In house professional mortgage brokerage
  • Receive mortgage origination fee
  • Affiliation and reward programs
  • Commission advance on request

NO franchise or any other fees, NO quotas or any pressure

We assist out employee with:
  • Marketing and business development
  • Professional development
  • Personal development

Get more than the basic @ Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage.

We are actively and constantly seeking both experienced and new real estate professionals who want to trade in real estate in a different fashion, build business and help people, and be a part of a winning organization. Where you are just starting your career, or are looking for exciting opportunities, Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage will enable you to apply your skills in an entrepreneurial, yet highly supportive environment.

Answer yourself the following simple question that may help you to start thinking about a new career:
"Whether my current real estate brokerage investing in me? How much?"...
Is to tough questions? Cannot find an answer?
No, not for our employees because at the Basic Realty Inc. brokerage the answer is clear and simple as question itself: Yes, Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage does invest in its employee.

The Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage is a place where honest, ethical and successful real estate professional can deliver better product, better service and professional image. Our employees full control of their account and provide consumers with superior level of satisfaction.

The Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage is committed to be the best possible environment for your success.