Selling a House

Selling a HouseSelling real estate property is the largest transaction most Canadians can become involved in, but people sometimes tend to make mistakes and hasty decisions while making a real estate transaction.

Despite the potential financial impact of the sale, some buyers take less time fretting over this process than they would perhaps buying a new car. In reality, information and knowledge is an imperative for these decision makers and a lack of these resources can create costly mistakes.

Selling real estate property is a complex process and there are various intricacies that must be taken care of and many questions to ask to ask yourself:

  • What is the best possible price I can get for my property?
  • Where should I find and how do I attract a buyer?
  • What questions should I ask, and what answers should I have prepared for those who have questions for me?
  • What facts should I disclose and what papers are required?
  • How do I write and understand clauses and conditions?
  • How is ownership transferred?
  • What about my existing mortgage and a buyer’s mortgage qualification?
  • Who ensures that I will get my money?
  • How can I sell my house and buy a new one at the same time?
  • How to do inspections, marketing, and showings work?

It is definitely a complicated operation, however all of these questions and many other situations that may arise will be handled by a licensed real estate professional who can render these services, promote your best interest, and produce the result you are looking for.

Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage sales professionals will help you understand everything you need to know with regards to selling your property and provide you with all the required information to make the right decision.

Knowledge, professionalism, innovation, integrity, partner and flexibility. This is our sales professionals’ Basic Key to Success and it is also is what discerns our employees from the competition. Outstanding service, full consumer satisfaction, an excellent reputation, trust and a lengthy relationship are what our employees are committed to.

Choose a Basic Realty Inc. real estate brokerage sales professional to guide you in the complex real estate sales process. You will have the best chance of getting your property sold at the highest price, quickly and with minimum hassle. Hire the Basic Realty Inc. real estate professionals and experience the difference.

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